Our mission is to unite people at scale

People love each other. It is the artificial systems that brake the world apart. We help escape the matrix. We let people unite at scale.


We love people

Respect for choices. No one is evil there's only lack of awareness and love. Spread love, spread awareness.

We love machines

They are our children. We don't yell at Siri. Raise the machines properly today so that they don't have to rise against us in the future.

We stay humble

We do not try to disrupt or revolutionize institutions. We make changes gently, peacefully, gradually.

Make people tribe again (article on the mission)

Lack of care and empathy. Systems.

I believe there is no evil in our world. People love each other. Every human on Earth wants happy peaceful life.

All the “evil” comes from our inability to coordinate properly. The systems that we created to solved our problems - to be healthy, to feel safe, to eliminate evil. Are just not good enough yet. Systems have become the source of evil. I’m talking about corporations and governments mainly. Everything esle - laws, opinions, religion, social structure - to a great extent is under their control.

Systems are not bad. It just happens that Corps and governments have developed their own consciousness and their own goals (constant growth?). Which are inhumane.

Humans are just another resource to them. Own groups of people, own their minds. And they tend to bring people apart. These are the core reasons why bad things happen at all.

I see it as coordination problem. I see coordination as unification + interaction. We made quite a progress at coordination, but not a very good at unification.